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HJ4000-SET SMD Rework Fixture

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SET, HJ4000 + FR811-04 Hot Air Rework Station + FR872-03 Preheater


No Cancellation/ Non-Returnable

The new HAKKO HJ4000-SET SMD Rework Fixture features a lightweight gantry and base frame that works with select HAKKO SMD Hot Air Rework Stations and IR Preheaters to provide a low-cost manual rework system.

High-quality linear motion components provide effortless smooth movement in the X, Y, and Z-axis for general positioning with quick-release brakes. Each axis, including Theta, also has a fine adjustment knob that allows you to perfect the alignment to within ±100 microns.

The gantry design is similar to that of a pick-and-place system that allows the PCB to remain stationary while the head assembly moves to accomplish X, Y, and rotational alignment using the integrated split-vision camera system.

The split-vision alignment capability of the HJ4000 allows you to accurately place SMD components as large as 45mm square down to 1mm square. And real-time viewing of the alignment is accomplished using a high-resolution color camera, lens and prism system.

Use the high-quality macro video lens for close-focusing up to 6X optical zoom, while the camera module features a 10X digital zoom capability.

The bottom-side of the component is illuminated with "white" dimmable LED lighting while the target location on the PCB is illuminated with "blue" dimmable LED lighting. Top and bottom lighting are then independently adjusted to provide optimal contrast for the user between the two images.

The HJ4000-SET includes the FR-811 Advanced SMD Hot Air Rework System and FR-872 IR PCBoard Preheater.


 Model Name  HJ4000
 Part No.  HJ4000

 Movement Range

 X axis 335mm (13.9 in)

 Y axis 447mm (17.5 in)

 Z axis 247mm (9.7 in)

 Rotation ±30°

 Camera Type  CMOS 1/2.5"
 Resolution  5MP, 2592 x 1932 (Max)
 Optical Interface  C-Mount
 Zoom  6X - Optical, 10X - Digital
 Camera Output  HDMI
 Lighting  Independently Dimmable LED White (Top) / Blue (Bottom)

 Power Supplies
1 - 120VAC to 12VDC 2A (Camera)
1 - 120VAC to 24V 1.67A (Lighting)

 Dimensions  (L x W x H) 735 x 536 x 504 mm
 Weight  14.7 kg (32.4 lb)
 ESD Safe  Yes


 What's in the box?

 Description  Part No.
 Rework Fixture  HJ4000
 User Manual  --
 Power Supply (Camera)  --
 Power Supply (Lighting)  --
 HDMI Cable  --
 USB Mouse  --
 8GB SD Card  --
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