Compact, Clean,
Smoke Absorbing Carbon Filter FA-400

The Hakko FA-400 bench top smoke absorber is a quick, safe, and efficient way to absorb soldering smoke and fumes. Compact and easy to use, the Hakko FA-400 is ideal for the DIY, Hobbyist, and stained glass artist at work. 

& Benefits
Absorbs up to 80% of Odors and Particles
Easy to Replace Filters
Compact Design
Quiet Operation
Vertical & Horizontal Positioning
ESD Safe
Smoke Absorber

The FA-400 Smoke Absorber was designed as a small unit that could be placed on any workbench station alongside your soldering station. With its internal fan for smoke suction and slotted smoke filters for carbon capture, the FA-400 is a great accessory to have for working in a cleaner air environment.


The FA-400 Smoke Absorber is supplied with a A1001 urethane foam filter with high carbon absorption, allowing for cleaner air breathing while soldering or desoldering. The A1001 filter absorbs up to 80% of odors and particles from soldering smoke offset.

In addition to the A1001 Filter, we also offer a higher grade absorption filter which absorbs up to 90% of odors and particles, the 999-198 filter.


The FA-400 Smoke Absorber works in both a vertical and horizontal position, giving users two options for best smoke absorption placement.

Arm Stand Holder

The FA-400 Smoke Absorber can also be used with the C1568 Arm Stand for better smoke absorption placement. The C1568 can easily attach to your workbench station and has adjustable arm length and angle placement.



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