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999-198 Filter

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A special high efficiency filter for the 493 & FA-400.

Designed as a replacement filter for the original carbon filter of the 493, this filter has a higher particulate absorption ability.

NOTE: When using the 999-198 High-efficiency filter the smoke absorber must be used in the vertical standing position, Or the unit may be elevated using the C1568 arm stand.


 Model Name  999-198
 Media Type  Microstat 40 w/clear scrim mesh
 Media Area  1.15 sq.ft
 Efficiency  1.4 lb. (0.65 kg);
 Accessories  54% on 0.10µ NaCl Aerosol @ 27 fpm
98% Bacterial Filter Efficiency
 Air Flow  37 CFM (clean)
 Dimensions  5.12(L) x 5.12(W) x 1.50(H) in.
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