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FX-8003 Soldering Iron for Nitrogen Use (FX-801)

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IRON,SDRG,N2,w/o TIP,FX-801,FX-8003

Soldering Iron, nitrogen compatible, for use with FX-801 Ultra Heavy Duty Soldering Station.

Note: Tips Not Included


Soldering Iron for the FX-801 Ultra Heavy Duty Soldering Station compatible with Nitrogen.

For Nitrogen use, Tips: T33-BC4, T33-BC5, T33-BC6, T33-D32, T33-D5, T33-D6 REQUIRES B5069 Assembly Nozzle Type A

For Nitrogen use, Tips: T33-BC2, T33-BC3, T33-D24, T33-1610, T33-1611 REQUIRES B5070 Assembly Nozzle Type B

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